10 Times Kate Middleton Said What Everyone's Thinking About Parenthood

The royal mom shares some surprisingly relatable insights on raising kids

Yes, she lives in a palace and borrows jewelry from the Queen, but Kate Middleton is also a mom of two toddlers and newborn son — which means the same tantrums, food battles and sleep struggles as the rest of us. As 5-year-old Prince George, 3-year-old Princess Charlotte and 8-month-old Prince Louis continue to grow, Kate has increasingly shared her thoughts on parenthood and its many challenges. Here are her most honest, relatable quotes about being a mother, the parents she admires and why every child matters.

1. On remembering that as a parent, you’re not alone — even if it feels like it sometimes.

“It is lonely at times and you do feel quite isolated. But actually so many other mothers are going through what you are going through, but it’s being brave enough to actually reach out.”

— at the Global Academy round table discussion

2016 Royal Tour To Canada Of The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge - Victoria, British Columbia
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2. On the shock of new motherhood:

“Nothing can really prepare you for you the sheer overwhelming experience of what it means to become a mother. It is full of complex emotions of joy, exhaustion, love, and worry, all mixed together. Your fundamental identity changes overnight. You go from thinking of yourself as primarily an individual, to suddenly being a mother, first and foremost.”

— at the launch of a series of educational films from Best Beginnings, a charity partner of her Heads Together campaign

The Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Depart The Lindo Wing With Their New Son
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3. On judgment:

“Around a third of parents still worry that they will look like a bad mother or father if their child has a mental health problem. Parenting is hard enough without letting prejudices stop us from asking for the help we need for ourselves and our children.”

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4. On how important the mental health of her own children is to her:

“We hope to encourage George and Charlotte to speak about their feelings, and to give them the tools and sensitivity to be supportive peers to their friends as they get older. We know there is no shame in a young child struggling with their emotions or suffering from a mental illness.”

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5. On the values she hopes to instill in her kids:

“My parents taught me about the importance of qualities like kindness, respect, and honesty, and I realize how central values like these have been to me throughout my life. That is why William and I want to teach our little children, George and Charlotte just how important these things are as they grow up. In my view it is just as important as excelling at maths or sport.”

— during a visit to Mitchell Brook Primary School in February 2017

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte, Prince George, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh stand on the balcony during the Trooping the Colour, this year marking the Queen's 90th birthday at The Mall on June 11, 2016 in London, England. The ceremony is Queen Elizabeth II's annual birthday parade and dates back to the time of Charles II in the 17th Century when the Colours of a regiment were used as a rallying point in battle.
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6. On how her own upbringing shaped her:

“”When I was growing up I was very lucky. My family was the most important thing to me. They provided me with somewhere safe to grow and learn, and I know I was fortunate not to have been confronted by serious adversity at a young age.”

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7. On parenting in difficult circumstances:

“Parenting is tough. And with the history and all the things and the experiences you’ve all witnessed, to do that on top of your own anxieties, and the lack of support you also received as mothers. I find it extraordinary how you’ve managed actually. So really well done.”

— at Anna Freud Centre’s Early Years Parenting Unit in January 2017

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8. On why she cares about children’s mental health:

“People often ask me why I am so interested in the mental health of children and young people. The answer is quite simple — it is because I think that every child should have the best possible start in life.”

— at the Place2Be Big Assembly for Children’s Mental Health Week

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9. On why we should listen to children:

“Imagine if everyone was able to help just one child who needs to be listened to, needs to be respected, and needs to be loved — we could make such a huge difference for an entire generation.”

— at the Place2Be Headteacher Conference

Prince Louis christening
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10. On the “huge challenge” of parenthood:

“Personally, becoming a mother has been such a rewarding and wonderful experience. However, at times it has also been a huge challenge. Even for me, who has support at home that most mothers do not.”

— at the launch of a series of educational films from Best Beginnings, a charity partner of her Heads Together campaign

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