The scene outside the Lindo Wing is only getting odder as the hours go by

Credit: Tim Rooke/REX

There are no big-top circuses currently performing in London. But that’s okay. We’ve got the scene outside the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital instead. Or, as some are now calling it, the “Limbo Wing.”

As the #GreatKateWait continues, nerves are getting frayed. And as royal watchers get increasingly antsy, the atmosphere outside Princess Kate‘s hospital – where she will give soon give birth eventually, someday, probably? – seems to be getting barmier by the minute.

If you’re not camped out in the midst of the madness, and are simply watching from afar, here are five signs people are losing it – just a little – as they await the arrival of the next royal baby.

1. Giant teddy bears came for a visit.
Even loonier than seeing enormous teddy bears brought in on a flatbed truck (a gift from betting company William Hill) was the media’s reaction to them – a frenzy of jostling for position to get the best photo.

2. Royal baby survival kits are being handed out.
Paddington, the area of London where the hospital is located, has been handing out official royal baby survival kits – in case you forgot your own party hat at home.

3. Artwork of Princess Kate is starting to get peculiar.
Wish you were at one of London’s famous art galleries instead of languishing in a sleeping bag? The art can come to you! British artist Kaya Mar is showing people his odd triptych of royal paintings. But are they art, or satire?

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4. Everyone seems to be practically made of Union Jacks.
Even if you’re not that into the royals, you have to love a couple of good British eccentrics.

5. Duck have waddled into the restricted press area.
That right, ducks. And they’ve broken the embargo on when anyone is allowed in the press pen! (The pen will be occupied once Kate is admitted and in labor.) But suffice it to say, they’re not the only quacks here.

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