Princess Sofia's husband has lots to bring to the fatherhood game

By Caris Davis
Updated March 29, 2016 04:00 PM
Credit: Source: Bernadotte & Kylberg/Instagram

We have already established that Prince William is at his hottest in dad mode. But he’d better watch the sweater on his back, because there is a new royal dad-to-be who’s making a solid run for the top spot: Prince Carl Philip. As the clock counts down to the arrival of his baby with wife Princess Sofia, let’s run down the list of CP’s fatherly virtues:

1. He’s had lots of practice.
As a recent Instagram reveals, the prince is a natural when it comes to charming kids. (Perhaps he got tips from this guy.) The photo shows Carl Philip spending quality time with his business partner‘s son, 2-year-old Walther Kylberg. Of course, he also has a ton of experience as uncle to his four nieces and nephews by way of sisters Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine.

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2. He’s from a solid royal family.
The Swedish royals not only know how to take a great family photo, but they are also a tight-knit group who support each other in the spotlight and during personal milestones such as the recent birth of Princess Victoria’s son Oscar.

3. He’s a man of many talents.

The prince, 36, drives fast cars, hunts deer, designs his own home goodsand puts his refined palate to use judging cooking competitions. Whether the baby is a little boy or a girl, he’ll have plenty of skills to impart.

4. He’s a man who understands women.
Growing up with two sisters – and a monarch mom! – has only enhanced his appreciation for influential women. Of course, he has also learned the do’s and don’ts of the perfect tiara-filled tea party.