10 Things We Know About Princess Charlotte's Adorable, Boss Lady Personality

5. She wears her brother's clothes.

Princess Charlotte will be two years old on May 2 — but she’s got a personality way bigger than her little size would have you believe. Here is everything we know about the feisty, fun-loving little princess:

1. She’s close with her big brother, Prince George.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte don’t just look like the most adorable sibling pair — they actually are. During the unveiling of a new war memorial in London, Kate said that her two children are becoming “really good friends,” according to Samantha Burge, who spoke with Kate at the event.

2. She’s boss lady.

Karwai Tang/WireImage

Prince George may have a lot of personality, but in the Cambridge house, it’s Charlotte who rules the palace. Also at the unveiling, Kate revealed that Charlotte is the “one in charge,” according to Burge. It makes sense: She is the Queen’s mini-me, after all.

3. She loves animals.

Last fall, Charlotte attended her first official playdate in Canada. (It was pretty much the cutest thing ever.) While she was there, she made a couple new friends — a little bunny and a service dog named Moose. She had a big smile on her face during her interactions with both. And we know she loves her dog, Lupo, and hamster, Marvin!

4. And balloons.

Sam Hussein/WireImage

When she first arrived at the playdate, though, there was only one thing on Charlotte’s mind: touching the balloon arch. And she worked it like a pro.

5. She wears her brother’s clothes.

That Canadian playdate was a revealing afternoon! Eagle-eyed royal watchers also noticed something familiar about the blue cardigan wore to the playdate. Turns out, it was the same cardigan Prince George wore to the hospital when he was going to meet his baby sister! Sharing clothes, though, is a royal tradition, as we know.

6. She’s got a lot of toys.

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When you’re a royal baby, you get gifts from people all over the world. So it makes sense that Charlotte’s toy chest is bursting, whether it’s with cuddly toys from her uncle, Prince Harry, or Charlotte’s favorite, according to her mom, Princess Kate — teddy bears, which she picked up in Canada.

7. She likes candy.

She may be a royal kid, but in some ways, Charlotte is just like all kids. After attending Christmas services with her family, she munched on a candy cane — as did her brother George!

8. She’s an equestrian.

Chris Jackson/Pool/Getty

Well, maybe one in training. While attending an event to meet and honor British Olympians at Buckingham Palace in October 2016, Princess Kate revealed that Charlotte already has developed a love of horses. Hey, if her grandmother is still riding at 90, it’s clearly in her genes!

9. She’s feisty.

Back in June 2016, just after Charlotte’s first birthday, Princess Kate revealed her little cutie has a feisty side (which we later saw on display during that playdate).

10. She’s really, really cute.

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But you already knew that, right?

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