"When I have to concentrate intensely on a project, I can escape from the distractions of the outside world and find inspiration in the glorious mountains," Hathaway says of the home. 

By Hannah Chubb
September 05, 2019 10:12 AM

Anne Hathaway is known for marching to the beat of her own drum — so it’s no surprise that her California home follows suit.

Featured in this month’s issue of Architectural Digest, the Hustle star, 36, let readers inside the Swiss chalet-style home she shares with her husband, jewelry designer Adam Schulman, and their three-year-old son, Jonathan. She describes falling in love with the picturesque property as soon as she laid eyes on it, drawn in by the architecture and unique interiors.

“It was the ideal combination of romance and great design,” Hathaway said in the interview. “Our initial instinct was that this was going to be a very important place in our lives. I could really see raising a family here.”

Schulman agreed, adding, “The minute we came up the driveway and saw this incredible panoramic view unfold in front of us, we were hooked.”

STEPHEN KENT JOHNSON. Inset: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

The view Schulman speaks of features stunning greenery and orange trees speckling a vast, sunny mountainscape. When you are inside, the couple says, you feel alone in the best way possible.

“When it’s just us and the baby, it feels very quiet and contemplative — the house feels like it holds you,” Schulman says. He notes, however, that when friends and family are visiting, that sense of solitude flies away in a flash: “When there are lots of people around, it opens up with energy and fun.”

Jennifer Graylock/Getty

Hathaway, who has recently been busy preparing for the launch of her new series, Modern Love, on Amazon in October, agrees that the house is perfect for her creative endeavors.

“This is a place that balances the needs for isolation and community. When I have to concentrate intensely on a project, I can escape from the distractions of the outside world and find inspiration in the glorious mountains and the birds singing in the thicket,” she says.


Designed with the help of Pamela Shamshiri of Los Angeles’s Studio Shamshiri, the historic home — which was originally built in 1906 and rebuilt in 1917 after a fire — was renovated to fit both the couple’s personal aesthetic, and the rustic style the property demanded.

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Dark wood and stone walls feature prominently in most rooms in the house, with subtle colors like robin’s egg blue, pale green and baby pink thrown in to add dreamy little touches. “Annie and Adam have a very adventurous sense of color, which I wholeheartedly supported,” Shamshiri told Architectural Digest.

The couple was also said to draw inspiration for color from fashion: The peach and burgundy in their entryway and music room were inspired by a Gucci shirt, while the golden carpets and fabrics in their den were inspired by Rihanna’s iconic 2015 Met gala cape.


Many of the pieces in the home are antiques — some dating back as far as the 18th century, like the French cocktail table on the outside terrace — while others are as modern as can be. Favorites include a disco ball from a 20-century Turkish spa, which is featured in the music room, and a set of spruce chairs made by the mid-century Italian designer Carlo di Carli in the living room.

Courtesy Architectural Digest

While the home is as stunning and unique as Hathaway and Shulman are a couple, Schulman says he can sum it up in one word: “Gemütlich.”

The definition, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary? “Agreeably pleasant.”

To read the features and see more photos of Anne Hathaway’s home, pick up the October issue of Architectural Digest or visit archdigest.com.