Will Smith Calls Out Cruise

Plus: Julia Roberts, Matthew McConaughey and more

Will Smith loves sharing the stage with wife Jada – the karaoke stage, that is. “We’re Peaches & Herb. We make beautiful music together,” says Smith, 35, who was in Europe to support his wife’s band, Wicked Wisdom, while they toured with Britney Spears recently. But when it comes to going solo, Will says he’s still the fresh prince. “Nobody can touch me in karaoke – I’m the best ever,” boasts the actor, who hopes to square off against one superstar in particular: “Tom Cruise thinks he can karaoke, so we’re going to have a battle.” Warm up those pipes, Tom…

Belly Up
Word from the Ocean’s Twelve set in Rome is that Julia Roberts’s pregnancy is beginning to show. “It’s so funny – Julia has a little belly. You can see it today for the first time in this short black coat she’s wearing,” says a crew member.

Puppy Love
Don’t let James Gandolfini’s tough-guy exterior fool you. We spotted the Emmy-winning Sopranos star in Greenwich Village recently with dog trainer-to-the-stars Bash Dibra, who was helping him teach his Burmese mountain dog how to lay down, sit and come on command. “James Gandolfini is a gentle giant,” says an onlooker. “He’s very good with the dog.” And he’s not one to dole out the punishment, either. “At one point, the dog was jumping up in the air,” says our spy. “He ran into a garden and jumped on top of a ledge. He was running all over the place. He was a little out of control. James thought it was funny.”

Caught in the Act
Recently spotted:
• Lake Forest, Ill., native Vince Vaughn, dining at Bin 36 in suburban Chicago with a small group. Vaughn had a salad, onion soup and a steak. The Dodgeball star stepped outside to have a smoke after dinner and was promptly mobbed by teenage girls asking for photographs and autographs. Our spy says he was very accommodating.

Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz, dining with a third man at Wagamama on Kensington High Street in London. An over-excited server asked Cruz, “Where’s Tom?” She replied, “He’s not here – we’re not together.”

Neve Campbell, Kelly Hu, Alias’s Greg Grunberg, Kimberly Stewart and Tori Spelling, stocking up on everything from Tupperware to toddler-wear (by the aptly named Fooey) at the Silver Spoon Hollywood Buffet. Particular favorites: Stewart adored the Spyoptic Sunglasses, while Spelling loved M.B. York’s Beauty Ammo Kit so much that she decided to dole them out to her bridesmaids when she gets married later this summer.

Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar, at Jerry’s Bowling Alley in Studio City, Calif.

Oprah Winfrey, with employees from her company Harpo Productions, at Rhythm, a Chicago club that features percussive music. “She was dancing away with a big smile on her face,” a manager tells us.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Kirsten Dunst, Rachel Hunter, Hugh Hefner and Lukas Haas, all in one evening, at L.A. hotspot Concorde.

Chris Rock, producers Quincy Jones, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, rapper Kanye West, Five For Fighting, and R&B legends Earth Wind & Fire, at a luncheon honoring Oscar-winning film composer Elmer Bernstein, at the Beverly Hills Hotel.


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