February 08, 2005 06:00 AM

Life on the set can get lonely – but luckily for Jude Law, his fiancée, Sienna Miller, was able to make the trip to Baton Rouge to visit him while he films All the King’s Men, with Sean Penn and James Gandolfini. Miller, with pooches Porgy and Bess in tow, hung out in Law’s trailer and walked the dogs on the grounds of the state Capitol, where cast and crew are filming. (In fact, the production took over Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco’s office; she is working out of the governor’s mansion. Now that’s southern hospitality.) Before Baton Rouge, the crew filmed in New Orleans, where Law made quite an impression at Maximo’s restaurant with costar Penn, Penn’s wife, Robin Wright Penn, and four other guests by leaving an especially generous tip. “He gave me extra money to take my daughter out with,” the waiter tells us. Law and friends also left behind cartoon figures drawn on the paper table settings, which were later snatched by neighboring fans.

But over at famed New Orleans eatery K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen, it wasn’t Law who excited the crowd, but rather, Gandolfini. “They’ve had Johnny Depp there, and it was like, this is nice, and they’ve had Jude Law there, and that was nice,” says a spy at legendary chef Paul Prudhomme’s 200-seat French Quarter restaurant. “But when Tony Soprano walked in, that’s what got the place going.” For his part, the newly single Gandolfini has taken a liking to New Orleans’ nightlife: he’s been spotted at Molly’s at the Market, the Carousel Piano Bar and Lounge, and numerous other haunts, often visiting several in one evening.

Face the Music
While Colin Farrell and producer Michael Mann are in Miami scouting locations for Miami Vice, one person they shouldn’t call upon is Andy Garcia. Though the Cuban-born Ocean’s Twelve star grew up in Miami, he’s holding tight to his favorite places. “I have a lot of spots,” Garcia told us at the Miami International Film Festival, which featured his new movie Modigliani. “I have movies that I want to make here and I have a lot of secret spots over the years that I feel would mean something photographically to the film, but I’m certainly not going to reveal them to anybody.” Garcia, who is starring in and directing The Lost City with Bill Murray and Dustin Hoffman, is also looking forward to Sunday’s Grammy Awards. “We just released an album that I produced and also play on for Israel Lopez (Ahora Si), known as ‘Cachao,’ ” says Garcia, who has worked with the legendary musician – who’s up for a Grammy – for 10 years. “He’s an artist of great stature and I’m just proud to have been able to bring him to a larger audience.”

Caught in the Act
Spotted Recently:
Elijah Wood, Sean Astin and Marisa Tomei, headlining the 2005 Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans. Astin led the Bacchus parade Sunday, with Wood joining him on the return trip. Tomei, along with musical acts Hootie and the Blowfish and the Pointer Sisters, led the Endymion parade Saturday.

• Director Spike Lee, strolling with his kids in midtown Manhattan on Sunday.


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