August 30, 2004 06:00 AM

Add Tyson Beckford to the list of FOBs – Fans of Britney’s, that is. The supermodel, who speeds around on a motorcycle with Spears in tow in her “Toxic” video, tells us she is “real easy to work with. And I’m not going to lie to you. Her body is fierce. Britney is hot.” Well, okay then. What about her upcoming marriage to Kevin Federline? “He’s a lucky guy,” Beckford says. “He better treat that woman right.” In Miami for last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, Beckford, who lives in New Jersey, tells us he is looking for a second home in the sweltering Florida city. “Miami is so sexy and spicy,” he says. “It’s where it’s at right now. I’ve been coming here since I was 12 years old. Right now it seems like there is a whole new facelift going on here. I want to be a part of that.”

Paris Watch
Speaking of Miami … Paris Hilton took in MTV’s pre-VMA party at hotspot Mynt last week, with her two constant Miami companions, Randy Spelling (Tori’s brother) and Simon Rex (Scary Movie 3). The troika, with Hilton in the middle, sat together atop a couch at the club, alternately drinking and getting up to dance. Hilton and Rex made their way to the previously closed downstairs bar at 2:15 a.m., and enjoyed the less-crowded space for a short while before revelers began to fill the room and surround their table. Also at the club that night: No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal.

Tell Us How You Really Feel
In Silver City (in theaters next month), actor Chris Cooper plays a kind-hearted if spineless Colorado gubernatorial candidate – but offscreen, the Oscar winner is no shrinking violet. “I remember movies when I was a kid that had something to say. Now everything is for a 16- to 22-year-old mentality,” he tells us. “The studios are missing a whole percentage (of the population). There’s not too much out there.” Ouch. As for his choices in roles, “it’s about respect. There are parts I hate and parts I love but you have to respect yourself enough to spend some energy working in this business,” Cooper says, adding, “Who knows? Maybe down the road I’ll do some comic superhero.”

Going Once …
Want a two-hour tap-dancing lesson with Tony Danza? (Come on, admit it …) Don’t worry, you can feel good about it: Said lesson – and several other celeb goodies – are up for auction on eBay through Sept. 24, with proceeds going to the Partnership Against Child Abuse. Some of the other offerings include tickets to the premiere of the upcoming Jennifer Aniston movie Otherwise Engaged, lunch with teen star Raven Symone and a visit to the set of her TV show That’s So Raven, a guitar autographed by the members of Maroon 5, lunch with rocker Melissa Etheridge and more.


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