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January 03, 2015 11:00 AM

Amy Adams stars as a secret artist in the new film, Big Eyes but the 40-year-old actress doesn’t hide the fact that she still gets starstruck. She insisted she’s a stellar Boggle player, cooks a mean seared salmon, and a few other things when she chatted with PEOPLE this week about “one last thing” …

Last thing I forgot
I lose so many things, my fiancé [artist/actor Darren Le Gallo] made me a T-shirt that said “I lose things I need.” He thought that was funny. I forgot the last thing that I forgot!

Last thing I cooked
I made a goat cheese and avocado rubbed kale salad with seared salmon with a lazy person’s dijon glaze. I just put it on top and then broil it. Sometimes you just want to make yourself a nice, clean meal so you know what’s in it.

Last time I won something
I am pretty good at Boggle. You can play on your computer. I do it with Darren, and I beat him soundly!

Last time I was starstruck
I met Julianne Moore for the first time. The Big Lebowski, are you kidding me? So amazing! And Boogie Nights? I could just keep going. I was pretty awestruck to meet her. She’s bold. She’s brave. She goes for it.

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