The Clooney Effect: Cuddling!

Plus: Sandra Bullock and Adam Brody & Rachel Bilson

Hearing George Clooney‘s voice seems to be all it takes to get the stars to act a little frisky. At the Chateau Marmont recently, where Clooney gave a speech, Michelle Williams was spotted rubbing beau Heath Ledger’s shoulder as the two chatted with the Oscar winner. Meanwhile, Felicity Huffman and husband William H. Macy held hands as Teri Hatcher flirted with an attractive young guy. Kate Bosworth hung out with friends (no Orlando Bloom in sight) and Keira Knightley – wearing a skin-tight cocktail dress – lounged on the patio and smoked cigarettes. Nearby, Matthew McConaughey and girlfriend Penelope Cruz snuggled, and Kirsten Dunst and Ben Kingsley shared a table.

But all were there for a good cause: a ONE campaign event to raise awareness about global poverty. While Clooney urged his fellow stars to visit Africa (leading Meg Ryan to gush to a pal, “George has a big heart”), part of the continent came to them. The African Children’s Choir performed for the celebrities – even grabbing the attention of Lindsay Lohan.

Sandra Bullock: Joker’s Wild

The star we’d most like to work with: Sandra Bullock. The actress has no qualms about joking with the boss. On the Shreveport, La., set of her thriller Premonition, she’s mock-scolded the movie’s director, Mennan Yapo, one day acting like a football ref and throwing a yellow flag at him for “too much time on the set” and another time teasing him for being on his phone when she was ready to shoot a scene. “She’s been fantastic and fun to be around,” says an insider. “She gets along well with everyone. In real life, she is the same way she is in all of her movies.”

Caught in the Act

Rachel Bilson (right) and Adam Brody, enjoying brunch together at Doughboy’s Bakery in West Hollywood. The O.C. stars and real-life couple relaxed side-by-side in a booth as he read the newspaper and she sipped coffee. After the actress paid the bill, she put on her oversized sunglasses, he pulled his skull cap down and they walked out of the restaurant holding hands.

Ben Stiller, dining at Italian eatery Cin Cin in Vancouver. The actor, who’s shooting the movie A Night at the Museum in the Canadian city, hung out with a group of friends.


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