Plus: The Rock and Lindsay Lohan

October 17, 2005 06:00 AM

Fans of The O.C. will have to wait for baseball season to finish before they can reconvene with Seth, Marissa, Ryan and Summer. But when the show returns Nov. 3 on FOX, there’s a lot in store. “Marissa’s sister is coming back. Ryan’s getting Bar Mitzvah’d for Chrismukkah. The kids are gonna start applying to colleges,” says show writer-creator Josh Schwartz. “The end is near. It’s all very emotional and exciting.”

And offscreen, Peter Gallagher – who plays patriarch Sandy Cohen – is pretty busy, too. His debut album, 7 Days in Memphis, hits stores Nov. 8. And he thanks The O.C. for jumpstarting his recording career. “I sang a song on the show – “Don’t Give Up on Me” – and the head of the label said, ‘I want you to make a whole record of those kinds of songs,’ ” Gallagher told us at the fifth annual Jewish Image Awards at the Beverly Hills Hotel recently. “It definitely has that Memphis sound. There’s no Broadway show tunes on this.”

Soft As a Rock?
Sure, he’s known as a tough-guy wrestler and an even tougher action star in films like The Scorpion King and Walking Tall. In his new movie Doom, based on the popular video game, The Rock (a.k.a Dwayne Johnson) will be flexing his muscles yet again. But at home, he’s just an ol’ softie. “If a movie moves me, I’m crying in a second,” he told us at the afterparty for Doom‘s premiere at Miami club Mansion.Crash got me recently. That was great.”

And The Rock’s wife, Dany, gets to see plenty of his gooey side. “He’s a self-taught guitarist and one thing he loves to do is sing to us. He sings to me. He sings to my daughter (Simone),” she says. “She’s 4 years old so he’ll be singing a beautiful song to her and of course she’ll be running out of the room because you can’t keep a 4-year-old in to listen to Daddy’s songs.” But Dany definitely doesn’t mind when her man is playing it tough. “That face and that scowl – I’m used to it,” she says. “As his wife, I get excited. I’m like, ‘That’s my husband.'”

Caught in the Act
Lindsay Lohan, hanging out at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s Tropicana Bar. The actress smoked cigarettes as she sat on the couch and chatted with her pal, deejay Samantha Ronson.

Adrien Brody, wearing matching camouflage pants and hat, in the security line at Los Angeles International Airport. When security officials recognized the Oscar winner, they pulled him out of line and took him through VIP-style.


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