Sandra Bullock is PEOPLE's 2015 World's Most Beautiful Woman!


Sandra Bullock really does snort sometimes when she laughs. It’s one of the endearing traits displayed over lunch after a photo shoot in the Hollywood Hills, where the Oscar winner can’t help but be self-deprecating about her appearance. “This is princess mode!” she says, laughing. “This is not how I wake up or go to bed.”

Yet it’s her role as mom to her 5-year-old son Louis that makes her feel most beautiful every day. “When I first held him, I realized what my purpose in life was,” she says. “I’m the lucky one.” The actress, 50, who voices a supervillain in the upcoming movie Minions, adds, “As long as I’m healthy and strong and I don’t let this mind of mine run amok with insecurities about what I am not, I can look in the mirror and like who I see.”

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