July 21, 2006 06:00 AM

Just two days after making nice at a Prada party, Paris Hilton had her claws out for Lindsay Lohan at a clambake hosted by jewelry line Lia Sophia at the Polaroid Beach House in Malibu.

The hotel heiress was dancing with pal Caroline D’Amore in the living room when Lohan showed up with beau Harry Morton. Immediately, Hilton began staring her down, making fun of her and snickering in her direction with her crew – including sister Nicky, Brandon Davis and Kevin Connolly. “It was so tense and awkward,” says a source. “It felt like round two to the whole Brandon and Paris bashing Lindsay on that video. So high school.”

But with all the drama, Lohan kept her cool. She chatted with Lia Sophia designer Dani Stahl and didn’t glance in Hilton’s direction. Before long, she and Morton left the room and headed to a different area of the house. Catfight averted!

Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey

Nick & Vanessa: Full-On PDA

Before jetting off to Europe to promote his album What’s Left of Me, Nick Lachey made sure to squeeze in plenty of time with ladylove Vanessa Minnillo. Besides their unexpected collision with his ex Jessica Simpson at L.A.’s Hyde Lounge on July 15, the couple put their PDA on full display all over Los Angeles.

Lachey and Minnillo nuzzled noses and did the dancefloor bump-and-grind at the ESPYs afterparty at Sky Bar in Hollywood. When they weren’t gazing at each other, they did shots with Lachey pal Matt Leinart.

The couple also stopped in for lunch at Hollywood eatery Magnolia, where he had his hand on her knee and they shared a kiss during their meal. “They did not seem to be concealing their affection for each other,” an onlooker tells us. “They were happy.”


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