By People Staff
September 21, 2006 12:00 PM

Despite two autopsies, new details still don’t answer why Anna Nicole Smith‘s son Daniel died a puzzling and unexpected death

Kevin and Melissa Buckles share what they’ve learned with other parents of conjoined twins

In the midst of Madrid’s new ban on super-skinny models, Kate Bosworth shows up at New York’s Fashion Week looking frighteningly frail

After 14 wild years, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown call it quits

A final farewell is said to Australian adventurer Steve Irwin in a public memorial service attended by thousands

James Cavallo Sr., a Pennsylvania police chief, faces a cop’s worst nightmare – turning in his own son for robbing a bank

Political good ol’ gal Ann Richards, who went from housewife to the Texas statehouse, dies of esophageal cancer at 73

Police arrest nurse anesthetist Sally Hill for killing a former schoolmate, possibly because of a 30-year grudge

Heroes: Meet people who braved raging fires, onrushing trains and dangerous fugitives to save lives

The intergalactic costumes of Teri Hatcher and Kirsten Dunst are up for sale at this month’s Star Trek auction

Clay Aiken opens up about the gay rumors, why he’s taking antianxiety medication and what’s up with his new look

Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former veep contender John, chronicles her struggle with breast cancer in a moving new memoir

On the new ABC comedy Ugly Betty, actress America Ferrera (yes, that’s her name) makes up for her crazy eyebrows and blue braces with charm to spare and tells why Charlize Theron is the perfect role model

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, two-time Oscar-winner Elizabeth Taylor talks about those health rumors, life at age 74, love, marriages and her burgeoning business empire as a jewelry designer