By People Staff
September 20, 2007 12:00 PM

One fire, three nooses and six young black defendants divide Jena, La.

The small screen’s big stars go glam at the Emmys

Police arrest O.J. Simpson and say he was the ring-leader of an armed robbery

Back in England, the McCanns press the search for Madeleine

Big hair, spangly dresses and karaoke: Country star Reba McEntire looks back on her life in pictures

Searchers fail to find Steve Fossett weeks after the adventurer’s single-engine plane vanished in the Nevada desert

Hollywood invades the Toronto International Film Festival

Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli revel in their happy marriage

Today show wedding couples update what’s new since swapping vows

Jenny McCarthy describes her autistic son’s amazing progress – and how boyfriend Jim Carrey helps them both

Missouri toddler Ryan Fuchs trades toe bones for new fingers

Bette Midler steps out with her spitting image: 20-year-old daughter Sophie

David Colby, once a top managed health-care CFO, is accused of seducing a series of women with phony promises

Are microwave popcorn lovers at risk for lung disease?

Ashanti talks about the pressure to be thin, and TV’s new action women reveal how they got buff

Pennsylvania’s Central York High School football team plays for a cause: a 7-year-old boy with cancer

Texas bird-lover Jim Stevenson causes an uproar when he shoots a neighborhood cat

TV’s style guru, Tim Gunn, offers a peek into his tiny closet filled with – wait for it – wire hangers!

Viggo Mortensen bares all in his new thriller Eastern Promises