October 28, 2004 12:00 PM

Julia Roberts
After experiencing pre-term labor symptoms, the actress is hospitalized and put on bed rest

The Laci Trial
With a whimper and a bang – a witness that blew up in his face – Scott Peterson’s lawyer Mark Geragos rests the defense in the murder case

As Prince Harry comes under fire for a scrape outside a nightclub, Prince William chooses a quieter path

He once shunned fame, but former Party of Five big brother Matthew Fox now shepherds the castaways on ABC’s hit Lost

Wynton Marsalis
Build it, and they will play. The famed trumpeter’s dream of a first-class house of jazz comes true

Campaign 2004
Jenna and Barbara Bush and Vanessa and Alexandra Kerry stump for their dads on the campaign trail

After losing both parents to cancer, Warren Zevon’s son Jordan produces a tribute album to honor the late rocker

In Court
The daily drama at Danny Pelosi’s trial for the murder of mogul Ted Ammon puts Law & Order to shame

Desperate Housewives
Sex, secrets and surprises behind the scenes of TV’s hottest new show

Bill Clinton
Recovering from his heart bypass, the ex-president (minus 15 lbs.!) hits the campaign trail

The debate on stem cell research heats up with Californians considering a $3 billion funding initiative

Soul legend Smokey Robinson imparts his wisdom to young Brit singer Joss Stone

Even dainty Parisians can make a mess at Dans Le Noir?, a restaurant where you eat completely in the dark

Forget lemonade stands. These teen tycoons – from an ice cream parlor owner to a software mogul – prove you’re never too young to be a business success

Rueben Martinez turns his barbershop into one of the biggest Spanish-language bookstores in the country

Mitch Altman’s remote zaps off blaring TVs in public places

Carousel of Hope
Hollywood’s A-list turns out to honor Halle Berry at a diabetes benefit

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