November 18, 2004 12:00 PM

Star Jones
The blinged-out bride marries banker Al Reynolds in opulent style

The Laci Trial
Convicted of first-degree murder, Scott Peterson now faces a bruising battle to save his life

The irresistible Jude Law stars in six films and as our very own leading man

Off the Charts
These superstars rate high

Who’s the Sexiest Man?
Celebs have their say

Everyone’s Talking About . . .
Names that come up at the watercooler

Now Playing
On the beach or on a bike, these men show muscle

Role Models
Classics in their own right, they play legends

Do You Think I’m Sexy?
Six Apprentice women size up The Donald

Up & Comers
Catch a rising star

Secretly Sexy
No hiding their allure

My Hottest Screen Kiss
Stars recall favorite film smooches

Hosts with the Most
Read all about these anchors

They’re Back
’90s guys, hot as ever

Sexy Civilians
Not-so-ordinary men who love Hollywood headliners

More Than Just a Sexy Face
Seven multitaskers

The Poster on My Wall
Celebs reveal their crushes

Elién Gonzélez
Five years after his dramatic ocean rescue, the 10-year-old is a star in Cuba but missed in Miami

Tom Wolfe
The Right Stuff author goes back to college – at age 73

Bill Clinton
His stunning presidential library brings new life to Little Rock, Ark.

Almost the whole ER family turns out to watch Deezer D. (a.k.a. Nurse Malik) wed

Jamie Lee Curtis
The actress speaks candidly about motherhood, body image and the death of her mom

Dan and Betsy Nally make sure there’s a turkey in every pot for the holidays

Destiny’s Child
Goodbye matching neon gowns! The trio reunites after three years as dazzling independent women

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