October 12, 2005 06:00 AM

Though many stars slave for hours to prep for a big event, Nicole Richie is a fan of the quick-change school of dressing. “I get ready pretty fast,” says the Simple Life star. Her method has done her well: She recently received the Young Hollywood’s Style Icon award from Hollywood Life magazine. What’d she wear to accept the honor? A sparkling black Michael Kors dress, which she was “going to wear to the MTV VMAs, and then I ended up not going because of the hurricane,” she told us.

Richie’s stylist, Rachel Zoe (who received the Hollywood Stylist Extraordinaire award at the West Hollywood event) reveals that her star client often waits “until the last minute” to get ready. “She’s so low-maintenance because she’s so beautiful naturally. Like her skin, it’s so perfect that she doesn’t need a lot of makeup.” And how does Richie keep her complexion so flawless? “She never ever wears makeup during the day,” reveals Zoe.

The pair got a chance to show off their impeccable style the night before the awards at a belated 24th birthday party for Richie (her real b-day is Sept. 21) at – where else? – her fiancé Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein’s hot Hollywood club LAX. “It was so much fun. It was Studio 54, but for her, it was Studio 24, and everybody dressed up. It was all the girls,” says Zoe. “We had a great time.”

Taking Flight
John Travolta is so serious about his planes that when he designed his Florida estate, he made sure that he’d be able to see his fleet of jets “out of every window,” says wife Kelly Preston. “We’re not architects and we’re not interior designers, but we did basically insist on everything that happened with this house,” Travolta said at an event celebrating the new book Architectural Digest: Hollywood at Home at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

Travolta’s lavish home – which features large open windows, airport-inspired decor (including arrival and departure monitors) and the family’s own private airport – is featured on the cover of the book. And the house is a result of a lifelong dream for the actor. “I think when he was a child he believed we would all live like this, that we would all have a plane or a jet in our backyard and the world would be accessible,” says Preston.

Caught in the Act
Leonardo DiCaprio, at actor Danny Masterson’s Kids’ Cotton Club jazz night at West Hollywood club Guy’s. Also on hand: Wilmer Valderrama and Sex, Love & Secrets star Eric Balfour.

Kate Beckinsale, chowing on a blueberry muffin and tea at Beverly Hills eatery Jack n’ Jills.

Mike Myers, walking alone in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood and carrying a hockey stick.


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