May 19, 2004 06:00 AM

Now that we’re all talking about fall TV lineups, what’s up with the pilot Nick Lachey is shooting with Gina Gershon, called, appropriately enough, Hot Mama? “I play Cooper, who’s kind of the Tony Danza of the house,” Lachey tells us. “He’s a struggling actor who does odd jobs, like fix the air conditioning and hammer things – general macho stuff. Gina is a Manhattan wedding planner who’s this hot mother with a conservative 15-year-old daughter embarrassed by the way she acts.” And how does squeaky-clean Lachey feel about working with hot-to-trot Gershon? Let’s just say it’s not a problem. “I’ve seen Showgirls. I’m a fan of that movie and role,” he says. (For those of you who haven’t seen the movie – both of you – Gershon played a bisexual stripper.) “And I’m definitely going to rent (her lesbian kidnapper flick) Bound, and do a little research.” Is that dedication, or what?

Speaking of TV … Though The Simple Life 2 is set to begin airing in June, Nicole Richie has moved on to the next project – make that projects – including an attempt at the family business. “I’m working on (my demo),” Richie confided while backstage at the recent Wango Tango music festival in Pasadena, Calif. (She has yet to sign a record deal.) “I really can’t categorize it. It’s like rock and soul mixed.” Also on tap for Paris Hilton’s traveling partner: “I’m doing a movie at the end of the month called Kids in America,” said Richie. “They actually wrote the role around me. I play a cheerleader.”

A Peek Inside
Think you know Matthew Broderick from his 30-plus movies? Not so fast. Some of the people closest to him – namely wife Sarah Jessica Parker and pal and former Producers costar Nathan Lane – dish the real dirt on him for 60 Minutes II correspondent Charlie Rose, in a segment airing Wednesday night. On why their marriage works, Parker says: “I take care of him. I pack for him, I shop for him, I get his groceries. He’s taken care of. That’s who Matthew is – people take care of him. It’s practically involuntary.” Lane, for his part, attempts to dispel Broderick’s nice-guy rep. “When I told him I was going to do this interview, he got a frown on his face and told me, ‘Don’t tell them how I really am,'” says Lane. “I said, ‘What should I say? That you’re nice?’ He said, ‘That’s right, think Tom Hanks.‘ He loves the notion that people think of him as the kindly husband of Sarah Jessica Parker. … You know, he’s just kind and nice and quiet, but he’s not that way at all. He’s evil incarnate. He is Ferris Bueller.”

Baby Booty
Leah Remini’s daughter, Sofia, isn’t due until June, but she already has a celebrity following. Jenna Elfman, Kirstie Alley and Marc Anthony’s ex-wife Dayanara Torres were among the 80 guests who brought letters and poems they wrote for the unborn baby to the recent shower held at the Peninsula Hotel in L.A. King of Queens star Remini even had a tearful reunion with a girlfriend she hadn’t seen since junior high, who surprised the actress by flying in from New York to attend the shower. Little Sofia wasn’t the only one getting gifts – Remini received plenty of Bare Bellies maternity wear, a wicker laundry basket from A Little Giraffe filled with $1,000 worth of baby and mommy products, and an initial baby bag from designer Jana Feifer. Guests got pink leather photo envelopes by Bella Regalo and hair-care products by Graham Webb, among others.


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