What Reality Show Gets 'Kroll Show' Star Nick Kroll to Move His Hips?

The actor, 36, returns for the third and final season of his sketch comedy show Kroll Show, airing now on Comedy Central

Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty

Nick Kroll returns in the third and final season of his sketch comedy show Kroll Show but the 36-year-old actor has no qualms about revealing what makes him blush. He insists video games are off-limits and admits signing a good old fashioned autograph sure beats a selfie, when he chatted with PEOPLE this week about “one last thing” …

Last time I danced
During the Dancing with the Stars finale. I wasn’t on it though – I was just doing the routines at home by myself while I was watching it.

Last time I was embarrassed
When my mailman walked in on me doing my Dancing with the Stars routines.

Last game I played
I can’t play video games or games on my phone because I’ll go into a deep vortex and no one will hear from me for weeks.

Last time I was recognized
At In-N-Out Burger. The burger guy asked me to sign his little white hamburger chef hat. An autograph is actually refreshing because everyone has cameras now and wants a selfie. That’s why I carry signed headshots with me, to give out.

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