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November 18, 2004 06:00 AM

The first student to arrive for a freshman writing seminar at New York University on Monday was none other than Mary-Kate Olsen, who showed up 15 minutes early wearing baggy gray Nike sweat pants and holding a Starbucks cup. Olsen sat on the floor outside the classroom, and smiled at her classmates as they arrived. When everyone started filing into the classroom, Olsen, still sipping her Starbucks and chatting with a fellow classmate, picked up her notebook and lime-green leather handbag and followed suit.

With This Ring?
Rod Stewart’s model daughter Kimberly Stewart recently got engaged to WhiteStarr rocker Cisco Adler – so why was she partying at L.A.’s Geisha and at the American Music Awards over the weekend without her engagement ring? “It’s getting sized because it was three sizes too big,” she tells us. “I had to put tape on it. But yeah, we’re very excited.” Adler popped the question in a hotel room in Las Vegas. But don’t expect to see Rod giving his daughter away anytime soon – Kimberly’s planning a long engagement. “Not for another two or three years,” she says.

So Funny, You Won’t Forget to Laugh
Now that Pee-wee Herman is back, at least in DVD form, we wanted to know, what’s the best tribute his alter ego, Paul Reubens, has ever gotten from one of Pee-wee’s rabid fans? “Tattoos seem to be the most permanent tribute,” he tells us. “And not just of me. I’ve seen some of the puppets, I’ve seen them of Miss Yvonne, so that’s certainly one tribute. I haven’t run into anybody who’s named their child Pee-wee. That would be sort of the ultimate tribute. I’m waiting on that.” As for whether fans (besides us) ask him to record their answering machine messages, Reubens says, “I don’t do it. I’d be mortified if I called somebody up and their phone answered like Pee-wee Herman. I’m just trying to protect other people.” Reubens says Pee-wee may come out of retirement to do another movie, once he decides which of his ideas to pursue. “There’s two (ideas for) movies,” says Reubens. “One of them is definitely an epic adventure, and it’s the one that’s based on the Playhouse. (The other one) is kinda what I refer to as my Valley of the Dolls Pee-wee movie, because it’s about fame and how it doesn’t really agree with Pee-wee Herman.” Stay tuned

Caught in the Act
Spotted Recently:
Jake Gyllenhaal, in a booth with friends and grooving to DJ D-Fuse at the afterparty for the ShortList of Music Awards Show, hosted by Cargo and XM, at L.A.’s Spider Club. Also at the club that night: a few members of Maroon 5, Andrew Firestone, Dean Cain, The O.C.’s Nicholas Gonzalez and American Pie’s Shannon Elizabeth.

• New York’s Vento Trattoria and the club downstairs, Level V, in the uber-trendy Meatpacking District, has been a magnet for celebs of late. Recent revelers have included: Jessica Biel, Anne Hathaway (celebrating her 22nd birthday), Nick Lachey (with his brother, Drew, who’s starring in Rent on Broadway), Jeremy London, Elisha Cuthbert, Jason Biggs and Molly Ringwald.

Apprentice season 1 winner Bill Rancic and decorator Nate Berkus, being honored at an event celebrating Chicago Men of 2004, at the Windy City’s Louis Vuitton store.

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