September 28, 2004 06:00 AM

Forget the student bars around New York University: Freshmen Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen seem to prefer to do their reveling a little farther uptown, at Chelsea hotspot Bungalow 8. Ashley stopped at the club late last week at about 2 a.m., wearing a coral minidress and black boots and accompanied by a few friends – though both Mary-Kate and Scott Sartiano, Ashley’s rumored beau, were absent. Among Ashley’s entourage for the night was Sartiano’s friend and business partner, Ali Federrici. The group sat in a circular booth and Ashley cuddled with Federrici, holding his hand – but she soon was up out of her seat to dance. She waited on the restroom line with all the mortals, and emerged licking a pink lollipop.

Saturday night – or actually, Sunday morning at 3– found Ashley back at Bungalow 8, this time with Mary-Kate, along with Sartiano, Federrici and three unidentified friends. Also at the club that night, but not part of the Olsen party: David Schwimmer, in a dark hat, flirting with a pretty brunette by the bar.

Caught Off Guard
You would think that by your fourth Emmy, you would have the whole “thank you” speech thing figured out. So what happened to West Wing star Allison Janney, who seemed to freeze up on the podium? Don’t be too hard on her. “I was mortified. I mean, every other time I had something prepared,” she tells us. “And this time, I had a family tragedy (the week before) and had to fly out to the East Coast. So I thought I’d just go to the Emmys and have a good time and not even worry about it. I just didn’t think it was going to go in my direction. I felt sad for a missed opportunity to be eloquent and thank the people that really helped me. But it was fun too. I’m finally starting to forgive myself and enjoy the fact that I won.” Next up for Janney: She’ll show a different side of herself, performing with Christine Lahti in Les Girls 4, an all-celeb charity cabaret to raise funds for breast cancer research, to be held in L.A. on Oct. 4.

Caught in the Act
Spotted Recently:
• Rock progeny Alexandra and Theodora Richards, modeling at designer Eley Kishimoto Ellesse’s show during London’s Fashion Week.

Bachelorette-to-be Jen Schefft, at the Michael Kors show during Chicago’s first-ever Fashion Week. She sat in the front row with nightclub impresario Billy Dec, who is also Schefft’s boss now that she’s an account executive at his marketing and events company Rockit Ranch Productions. After taking in Kors’s fall line, Schefft, Dec and friends headed over to Rockit Bar and Grill for dinner and cocktails.


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