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October 28, 2005 06:00 AM

Marcia Cross scoffs at recent reports that she’ll be walking down the aisle in her signature color – green. “I don’t think so,” she tells us. “When I was little, I was never one to think about getting married, but I did say I don’t look really good in white. Now there are all these options.”

Though Cross and her stockbroker fiancé, Tom Mahoney, have yet to set a date, she’s excited. “I’m sooo happy,” says the Desperate Housewife, who was at the Beverly Hilton being honored by the Maple Counseling Center for her work to promote mental health (The actress – who interned at the center from 2002-2003 – has her master’s degree in psychology). But her hectic schedule has made wedding planning slow-going. “(There’s) not much time,” she admits.

One thing is for sure: Her nuptials will be a private affair. “It’s going to be small and intimate,” Cross’s actress pal Lori Loughlin told us. And she couldn’t be happier about the pairing. “At the place she’s at, with the success she’s having, it’s great for (Marcia) to be able to go home and have someone real and someone who’s there for her.”

Clothes Lover
Gwen Stefani is doing a balancing act with her music and fashion. The singer, who’s on the road with her Harajuku Lovers tour, has added another notch on her designer belt with her Japanese-inspired Harajuku Lovers clothing collection. “It’s based on Love. Music. Angel. Baby,” her most recent CD, she says. “You know, you make an album, you do the artwork, you do the videos and this is just another layer to it. Why not make a whole bunch of cute things for people?”

While her L.A.M.B. clothing line is “my kind of special art project,” she told us at an afterparty for her recent concert at the Hollywood Bowl, the Harajuku Lovers collection – which features hoodies, funky pants and accessories – is “more with the fans in mind. I really wanted to give them something they could get their hands on. I wanted to do something a little more creative than just putting out a Gwen Stefani (concert) T-shirt.”

Caught in the Act
Katie Holmes, sitting next to Victoria Beckham at the Rock and Republic fashion show at Sony Studios in Los Angeles.

Carlos Santana, walking down Fifth Avenue in New York City. The music man wore sunglasses and a wool cap and carried a Hugo Boss shopping bag.

Tara Reid, hanging out with friends in the VIP room of the Tropicana Bar at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.


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