May 21, 2004 06:00 AM

Can we stop talking about Lindsay Lohan’s breasts for a moment and focus on her love life? The Mean Girls star has been spending time on both coasts with That ’70s Show’s Wilmer Valderrama, 24, a source close to them tells us – and we spotted the pair at New York hotspot Marquee this week in a more-than-friendly lip lock. “It sure looks like they’re dating,” says the source. (Lohan’s rep couldn’t be reached for comment.) Although 17-year-old Lohan has been out and about on the party circuit quite a bit of late, she recently told PEOPLE that “if I had a boyfriend, I’d make time for it. I don’t think that it’d be a bad thing.” Now, if she can just keep Hilary Duff out of the picture …

Do the Cannes Cannes
Watch out, Brad Pitt: Hot Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal has fast become the It boy of the Cannes Film Festival. Starring in two movies, Bad Education and The Motorcycle Diaries, he is now having to cope with the adoration of screaming fans – not that he’s complaining. “It was really nice,” he said of the frenetic welcome he received on the red carpet for Diaries (the story of young Che Guevara). “This film, in particular, deals with Latin identity, so it is really nice when that happens. It is a bit like living my frustrated dream of being a football (soccer) player, running up to the crowds and saying, Aaaahh!”

Free Association
Law & Order star Jesse L. Martin gives us his quick thoughts on some hot topics:
The South Beach Diet: “I eat whatever I want, so I know nothing about it. I’m sure it doesn’t include steak sandwiches and stuff that I like.”
Brad Pitt’s buff new bod: “There was something wrong with his old one?”
Mel Gibson running Disney: “That doesn’t sound right.”
What’s your sign? “Capricorn. We’re special because we start off the year.”
Dream Law & Order guest star: “It was Gregory Hines. No explanation needed. He was the man.”
Cops: “Good job, at least for me. I don’t have any problems with them.”

File Under: Yikes
Newcomer Lisa Masters was in the makeup trailer, readying for her role as a sinister suburbanite in The Stepford Wives, when star Christopher Walken popped in to talk about the day’s shoot. “He said, ‘Do you have any lines?’ I said no, that 200 extras were supposed to show up,” says Masters. “Then he looks at me very seriously, and says, ‘Extras? I’ve had them killed.’ I’ve seen him play so many evil characters that for a split second, I believed him.”

Backstage Perks
If the presenters at Friday’s Daytime Emmy Awards look particularly relaxed onstage this year, it may be because of all the upscale spa products green-room sponsor Jurlique will be doling out behind the scenes. Stars like Ellen DeGeneres, Jane Pauley, Deidre Hall, Rocco DiSpirito, Susan Lucci, Lorenzo Lamas, the ladies from The View, Jack Wagner and others can breathe in the company’s essential oils burning backstage, and the presenters will get to take home congratulatory baskets filled with goodies.


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