May 06, 2005 06:00 AM

Attention, soldiers: Lindsay Lohan has plans to travel abroad this summer – and she’s bound to make some folks in uniform very happy. “I’m going to Iraq and Germany to visit the troops in hospitals,” she tells us. “I’m going to be doing that hopefully in June or August.”

As for her home base, the 18-year-old actress admits that the Hollywood scene can feel like high school all over again. “There are a lot of yearbooks involved, which are the tabloids,” she said at the Axe afterparty for the Young Hollywood Awards (where she was named Today’s Superstar). “You just really have to stick with the people you care about, concern yourself with the best, be yourself, and be thankful.” Words to live by.

A Shoe In
Teri Hatcher has a thing for shoes, that’s for sure. The Desperate Housewives star recently served as a jurist at the Tribeca Film Festival, where she had no problem noting the good taste of her fellow jurors. “The funny thing was I looked around, and everyone on the jury had the most amazing shoes!,” Hatcher – who wore animal-print Jimmy Choos during deliberations – told us at the film festival’s Founders Dinner, hosted by Robert De Niro at New York City’s Churrascaria Platforma restaurant.

Though she had a tough time deciding which movies to honor – “The films were just so good,” she says – Hatcher was honored to be a part of the festival. “It’s been an amazing year!”

Caught in the Act
Nicole Kidman, dining with Gucci executive Francois Pinot at New York City’s The Biltmore Room. The actress ate a mixed green salad and an entrée of white asparagus and shared a $500 bottle of Chateau Latour wine with her dinner date.

Lenny Kravitz, partying in low-key style at Chicago club Reserve. The rocker, wearing oversized sunglasses and a knit cap, drank only room-temperature water and asked to keep the VIP area smoke-free.


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