Plus: Alicia Silverstone, Anne Heche and more

By People Staff
May 27, 2004 06:00 AM

So … the perennial question: Are they dating or aren’t they? We noted last week that Lindsay Lohan, 17, and That ’70s Show’s Wilmer Valderrama, 24, have been out and about together, smooching and such in clubs on both coasts. A source told us that “it sure looks like they’re dating,” but Lindsay says Wilmer is “just my friend,” a sentiment echoed by his rep. Well, okay. But then why did they go to such great lengths to avoid being photographed together at a party at New York hotspot Suede recently? Lohan arrived first, dramatically pulling her jacket over her head to avoid being photographed, then Valderrama, arriving seven minutes later, also refused to be snapped. Once inside, the two snuggled up together in a back booth, until photographers inside began snapping away. She begged them to stop, and bolted from the club when they wouldn’t. Is she this secretive about all her friends?

Free Association
Tony nominee Anne Heche’s quick takes on a few hot topics.
The Tony Awards: “I’m excited that I get to participate.”
Memorial Day weekend: “Is that coming up?” Any plans? “Obviously not.”
Movie musicals: “If they can be like Chicago, I’ll go.”
Olsen twins: “I’m in awe of them. Whatever they want to do, more power to them.”
Miniature dogs: “I have a four-and-a-half-lb. dog named Lucinda and I love her. She’s a papillon – it’s French for butterfly.”
Obesity among American kids: “What can I say? Watch what you eat.”
Body image in Hollywood: “My body had a baby, and the fact that it had a baby is so amazing to me that I’m just going to let my body be the way it is.”

Caught in the Act
Recently spotted:
Alicia Silverstone, noshing on tofu and vegetables at Asia de Cuba at L.A.’s Mondrian Hotel. Cedric the Entertainer also hit the trendy eatery on Sunday, but he preferred the short ribs.

Tori Spelling, celebrating her 31st birthday at Hollywood sushi hotspot Tokio with 20 friends and family members (including parents Aaron and Candy and brother Randy). The group brought a cake purchased at a local bakery, and the restaurant’s Japanese karaoke singer led everyone in singing “Happy Birthday.” A sake toast followed, and partygoers split the $600 bill.

• Rapper Lil Jon, emceeing at the “Secret Society” party at Miami club BED.

Tom Selleck, at Elio’s on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, on multiple nights recently. The restaurant is also a favorite of Martha Stewart’s, and Kevin Kline and wife Phoebe Cates have been spotted there with their two children recently as well.

• Eyebrow guru to the stars, Anastasia Soare, whose clients include Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez and Debra Messing, being honored with the Blue Heron Foundation’s Forget-Me-Not Humanitarian award for her efforts in helping Romania’s orphans. Soare’s client Kate Capshaw and her husband, Steven Spielberg, recently made a hefty donation to the foundation to build a playground and sports court at an orphanage in the town of Rupea.