June 23, 2005 10:00 AM

Berlin! Rome! Paris! London! Madrid! Newly betrothed, Tom and Katie kiss, hug and gush their way through Europe

After four days in the Utah wilderness, 11-year-old Boy Scout Brennan Hawkins is back with his parents

Dumb Criminals
Meet a bumper crop of crooks so dim they might be a cop’s bestfriend

Christian Bale
Known for morphing his body to fit the role, the new Batman transforms himself from skinny to sculpted in only five months

Picasso mistress Geneviève Laporte bares – and prepares to sell – nude sketches worth millions

Jennifer Aniston
Filming in Chicago, the actress unwinds with her pooch and charms Windy City fans

Bobby Brown
The R&B bad boy displays his surreal life for a new reality TV show

Talk about a summer heat wave! Beyoncé, Colin Farrell and other stars are making the sands sizzle

Without a Trace
As police question four men in Natalee Holloway’s disappearance, her mother, Beth Twitty, combs Aruba hunting for her

Concerned parents are fitting their babies with fiberglass helmets to shape flat heads

On the eve of his birthday and college graduation, Prince William sticks by gal pal Kate Middleton

From the air celebs breathe to religious icons on toast, the Internet bazaar marks a decade of amazing auctions

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