July 15, 2004 12:00 AM

Up Front
Wisecracking mom and sharp politician, Elizabeth Edwards helps power the Democratic ticket

Ex-teacher Mary Kay Letourneau, whose affair with a 12-year-old boy shocked the nation, is released from prison

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony enjoy newlywed bliss – amid chatter that a baby is on the way

I, Robot star Will Smith matures as a family man, but he still can’t pass up a good practical joke

Isabel Sanford, who broke racial barriers in entertainment and made America laugh as The Jeffersons’ feisty matriarch, passes away at 86

For teenagers in Hollywood’s spotlight and around the country, the pressure to be waif thin and model pretty has never been more intense. And raiding Mom’s makeup bag isn’t nearly enough to achieve an unforgiving beauty ideal

2004 Olympics
She hits the mat at 105.5 lbs., but Patricia Miranda can throw her weight around as a member of the first U.S. women’s wrestling team in the history of the Games

At home with Minnie Driver and Reese Witherspoon, in America’s bookstores and at the altar at Jennifer Lopez’s top-secret wedding, Shabby Chic guru Rachel Ashwell reigns over an ever-expanding domestic empire

Mark Warschauer and his wife grapple with the death of their 10-month-old son Mikey, who died after his father absentmindedly left him in a car

Amid the race for his sixth Tour de France title and a very public divorce, Lance Armstrong finds a new cheerleader in Sheryl Crow

Massachusetts janitor Geraldine Williams used to scrape by. Now she’s trading in her mop and bucket for a $294 million lottery jackpot

Coast-hopping Survivor all-stars Rob and Amber get ready to walk down the aisle. But before they do, they’ll shop ’til they drop

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