By People Staff
July 13, 2006 12:00 AM

In Malibu, the sand, the scene and the celebrities (Matthew McConaughey and Lindsay Lohan to name but two) are hotter than ever

Five reality TV stars channel their love into lasting alliances

Actress Mia Farrow and son Ronan share stories and exclusive pictures from their trip to Darfur

Scott Peterson’s former lover Amber Frey marries a prison guard

Eleven weeks after a fatal car crash and tragic mix-up, survivor Whitney Cerak, 19, is smiling again

Gordon Ramsay shares a few choice words on becoming a celebrity chef

Owen Wilson talks about the prospect of marriage, competing with his brother Luke and his nude scene in the new film You, Me and Dupree

Blind since age 3, soon-to-be ninth-grader Ben Underwood is just like any other kid – except he sees the world with a steady stream of sounds and echoes

Baywatch’s Gena Lee Nolin welcomes new son Hudson

In a tough working-class Chicago neighborhood, funeral director Concepcién Rodriguez lays it on the line by telling kids the deadly truth about gangs – and it isn’t pretty

She’s a health nut and he’s a party boy, but their differences only make the romance between Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn stronger

Canadian Kyle MacDonald stages an online swap meet with an initial offer of a paper clip – and ends up with a three-bedroom house

Haunted by the deaths of his older brother and mother, As the World Turns star Benjamin Hendrickson takes his own life at age 55

As host of TV’s Project Runway, wife of pop singer Seal and a hands-on mother of two (with another one on the way), supermodel Heidi Klum is constantly on the run