January 06, 2005 12:00 PM

New Year’s Eve
Stars rang in 2005 from Miami and around the world

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
A year after the Bennifer bust up, the former fiancés have moved on to new lives and new loves

Martha Stewart
Halfway through her prison sentence, Martha Stewart prepares for her comeback

Jerry Orbach
The song-and-dance man turned TV cop on Law & Order dies of cancer at 69

Patricia Arquette
The star of films like True Romance and Stigmata crosses over to television with the psychic drama series Medium

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston
Dispelling rumors of a marital rift, the pair indulge in some rest, relaxation – and romance

A new device invented by Dr. Pierre Gobin could save the lives of thousands of stroke patients every year

Country star Kenny Chesney chills in the Virgin Islands

Johnny Damon of the Red Sox marries Michelle Mangan

In the wake of the Asian tsunami, heroic rescues, joyous reunions and amazing stories of survival bring hope amid the devastation

Nine months after his capture, soldier Matt Maupin’s family hopes for his return

Shirley Chisholm was the first African-American woman in Congress

American Idol Kelly Clarkson and Season One finalists pursue their dreams

Golden Globes
Nominees like Jamie Foxx and the Desperate Housewives anticipate a nerve-racking evening

California pilot Robin Petgrave teaches inner-city kids to fly – and reach high

Kim Raver
The ex-Third Watch star clocks into FOX’s 24

Teri Hatcher and other stars prove that 40 is beautiful

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