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June 19, 2015 04:45 PM

Actress Edie Falco stars in the season finale of Nurse Jackie, airing June 28 on Showtime but the 51-year-old Emmy winner admits while she may be comfortable in the acting world, she’s not so at ease in the kitchen! She says it’s her daughter who always kept her laughing and reveals her latest TV obsession , when she chatted with PEOPLE this week about “one last thing”

Last time I laughed
My daughter [Macy] is only 7, but she said something the other day, and I remember thinking, “Holy mackerel, she’s old enough to make me laugh now.” It’ll just be her take on things, but she’s legitimately a funny kid.

Last TV obsession
I just finished the British series Broadchurch. I had been watching Downton Abbey on Amazon Prime and it said, “You also might like Broadchurch. I clicked on it and they were right!

Last thing I lost
I lost my phone a week ago. I was in a panic trying to backtrack where I had been. Thank God for the Find My iPhone app. There it was at the gym, just like the green dot on my computer said.

Last thing I cooked
I don’t cook! But I just made mac and cheese for my kids. I use the Kraft out-of-a-box kind. I’ve tried it other ways, but that’s what my kids want.

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