February 08, 2005 05:20 PM

It’s a question so many parents-to-be face: To learn the baby’s gender or not? Actress Denise Richards, who is four months pregnant with her second child, and husband Charlie Sheen faced just that dilemma recently. Richards and Sheen weren’t sure if they wanted to know when she had an ultrasound, so they asked the doctor to write down the baby’s sex and place it in a sealed envelope, she tells us. But when the pair got home, they decided they didn’t want to know, and the temptation of having the answer within reach would be too great. In the end, the couple decided to shred the envelope and throw it away – outside – so they absolutely couldn’t rifle through and find it in a moment of weakness.

Wedding Belles
We just couldn’t get enough details about One Tree Hill stars Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush’s upcoming nuptials – so we went back and asked them for more.
Chad Michael Murray: “We just did a cake tasting.”
Sophia Bush: “We don’t actually get to be at home and do these things, so we had to have the samples mailed to us. Cake in the mail – it was a little strange.”
Chad: “I’m the kind of man who just wants to say, ‘Baby, whatever you want, you can have.’ But she wants me to be involved, and luckily she involved me at the right moment. She brought me to a tasting for the wedding. Oh, my God, I’m glad I didn’t miss that. It was wonderful. The food was incredible.”

Caught in the Act
Spotted Recently:
John Travolta, after flying his private jet into Jacksonville, at the Cadillac Hospitality Suite in the Super Bowl’s corporate village. The Be Cool star, who arrived sans wife Kelly Preston in a black sweater, jeans and a black blazer, stayed for about an hour, mingling and signing autographs.

Alicia Keys, at Magic Johnson’s annual post-Super Bowl party at the Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art. About an hour after Johnson left (at 1:30 a.m.), P. Diddy arrived with a dozen-strong entourage. He climbed into the DJ booth, grabbed the mic and pumped up the late-night crowd before disappearing through a back entrance.

Sidney Poitier, in the dining room at L.A.’s Peninsula Hotel, dressed in a dapper coat and tie while lunching with an older gentleman.


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