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November 14, 2003 12:27 PM

November 14, 2003
Hugh Grant might be Hollywood’s most popular British hunk, but the female fans who gathered outside the red carpet at the Love Actually premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City begged to differ. The ladies saved their biggest swoons for another British actor: Grant’s costar Colin Firth.

The roar was deafening as Firth emerged on the red carpet in a black Richard James suit and a white button-down shirt with the top couple of buttons undone. When PEOPLE asked Firth if he expected all the adoration he said, “Not at all. It’s pretty stunning actually. I actually want to get a tape of this and prove it to a few people back home.”

Grant, meanwhile, seemed to take his position as second fiddle in stride. Asked by PEOPLE whether he felt he received the appropriate reaction from the crowd, he joked, “Well, I could do with a little more noise.”

“I love kids,” David Arquette told us at the annual International Day of the Child event at L.A.’s Pierce College. The Scream actor – sans wife Courteney Cox – was one of a handful of celebs (also including 10 Things I Hate About You actor Andrew Keegan, singer Chaka Khan and hip-hop star Coolio) on hand to lend support to the event, sponsored by Children Uniting Nations, where more than 3,000 at-risk youths were paired for an afternoon with local adult mentors. “I like all the rides. And I like the food – especially the cotton candy,” Arquette admitted. As for the rumors that Cox is pregnant? “We will make a statement when congratulations are in order,” he said.

Spotted recently:
Keanu Reeves, wearing Dickies pants and a skull cap and sporting a scruffy beard, shopping for eggs at a Ralph’s supermarket on Sunset Boulevard.

Saturday Night Live’s Chris Kattan, picking up his dry cleaning from Holloway Cleaners in Hollywood.

Owen Wilson, looking disheveled, sipping coffee with a brunette female friend at Peet’s Coffee & Tea on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica.

Written by: SEAN DALY and KATHY EHRICH With reporting by: PEOPLE’s L.A. BUREAU

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