February 13, 2004 11:16 AM

February 13, 2004
Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank tells us that playing suffragist leader Alice Paul (in the HBO movie Iron Jawed Angels, airing Sunday) taught her a valuable history lesson. “When I even thought about these women that this movie is depicted on, I thought of dowdy, kind of uptight, good-postured women who speak really eloquently. And I don’t relate to that, because I slouch and I slur and I don’t always have the right words and I’m certainly not college educated so, who am I?” she said after a recent screening of the movie in Washington, D.C. “And then you realize, ‘Hey, wait a minute, they were women who smoked and had sex and didn’t have all the answers and loved fashion, and yet they all had one goal in common, and that was to see women be treated as equals.'”

While we’re talking Swank, she certainly has a fan in her actor-director husband, Chad Lowe (who is also her partner in Accomplice Films, the couple’s production company). “We actually work really well together. We’re really lucky that way,” Lowe told us at the Iron Jawed Angels premiere in New York. “We both respect each other a lot, and that’s the key. Any time I need a second opinion I have a great source. She’s a strong woman, absolutely.”

Tom Green has been known to bend reality for laughs, but a report last week that had him dating Farrah Fawcett seemed too far out even for him. “I met Farrah once a year and a half ago,” Green told us. “I haven’t seen or spoken to her since!” No offense to the former sexpot, but she’s not his type. “I’m staying away from actresses for a while,” he said. “I’ve been through that.” About his five-month marriage to Drew Barrymore in 2001, he says, “That was a phase in my life where you get caught up in the moment and go, ‘What was I thinking?’ ” Currently single, Green just returned from a five-country USO tour and finished writing a book, Hollywood Causes Cancer, a comedic take on his travails in Hollywood, due out this fall.

During New York’s Fashion Week, the beautiful people seemed not to give a puff about the city’s smoking ban. At nightspot The Social Club, where model Carmen Kass and her boyfriend, club mogul Richie Akiva, came to celebrate her brother Kutty Kass’s birthday along with models and powerful friends, there were cigarettes aglow all over. Later, at the Hiro (in the Maritime Hotel) – where Dazed & Confused magazine threw a party co-hosted by REM’s Michael Stipe and Svedka Vodka – there were almost as many lit cigarettes as there were lit models. Perhaps the smoke was too much for Kirsten Dunst and her pal Maggie Gyllenhaal – the two actresses bolted from Stipe’s hip table in the back and exited under cover of a burly bodyguard just after midnight.

Actor Michael Rapaport (Boston Public) is jumping to the other side of the velvet rope to become a celebrity reporter for NBA TV during All-Star week in Los Angeles. Beginning today, he will bring viewers behind the scenes and onto the red carpet of the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game (featuring Ashton Kutcher, Paris Hilton, Queen Latifah and P. Diddy, among others).


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