February 24, 2004 11:47 AM

February 24, 2004
Lindsay Lohan, star of Disney’s Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, tells us she’s not looking for the same role offscreen. After last year’s much-publicized love triangle between her and fellow teen queen Hilary Duff over pop star Aaron Carter, Lohan now says the whole hubbub was over nothing. “It’s silly. It’s something that happened once – there was a misunderstanding and it was blown out of proportion by her and her mother,” she said at the New York premiere of her movie. “And it’s not fair for either of us to have this drama.” Not to be out-dismissed, Duff’s rep responded, “Hilary and her mother were simply reacting to what they felt was Lindsay Lohan’s inappropriate behavior.” Well, good, now that that’s all cleared up. …

While three of the Sex and the City ladies missed their own finale Sunday to bask in the glow of the SAG Awards in L.A. (Sarah Jessica Parker didn’t attend), nearly 300 die-hard Sex fans gathered in said “City,” New York, to watch the final episode at a party thrown by HBO at Taj Lounge. John Leguizamo, rapper Cam’ron (who rolled up in a pink SUV), Jaid Barrymore, actress Tamara Tunie (Law & Order: SVU) and MTV Rich Girl Jaime Gleicher were among the revelers downing free drinks and indulging in the buffet as the show played on several flat-screen TVs. The group screeched with delight at Mr. Big’s Parisian re-entry into Carrie’s life, and applauded wildly when the series ended once and for all. “It was perfect,” Gleicher said. “I got teary-eyed!” Fans in the crowd participated in a Sex trivia contest, walking away with prizes such as round-trip tickets to Florida from JetBlue and a dress designed by Cynthia Rowley. Fittingly, the stars in the crowd were treated to ultra-fab gift bags that included CarbWatchers candy bars, a Baby Phat baby tee, MAC cosmetics, a Nicole Miller umbrella, a six-month gym membership, gift certificates for free shoes (not Manolos – Nine West and Converse) and a special pair of commemorative Sex and the City panties.

Speaking of Sex and freebies, Sarah Jessica Parker grabbed a few mementos on her last day of shooting – other than clothes, that is. “I took a coffee cup from the coffee shop. I took a clothespin from one of the grips. They always have clothespins on their jeans for doing their work … so I took a clothespin,” she told us. The little reminders are designed to make her feel better in six months, when she would have returned to work if the series were continuing. “I think that’s going to be a hard time,” she said. “This is a group I wanted to be with and wanted to spend 80-hour weeks with.”

Recently spotted:
Bill Cosby, at Martha Stewart’s trial Monday, listening to testimony from the defense’s ink expert. “I’m here for a friend,” was all Cosby would say, although he did joke that he brought “a couple of boxes of chocolate Jell-O.” He sat in the front row, next to Stewart’s daughter, Alexis.

David Schwimmer, riding a bicycle on the boardwalk of the south Jersey resort town of Ocean City. Schwimmer was filming a scene for upcoming indie flick Duane Hopwood.

Bachelorette Meredith Phillips, dining with a friend at L.A.’s Urth Cafe amid many paparazzi flashbulbs.


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