May 06, 2004 06:05 AM

Is Ben Affleck planning to run for Congress? Speculation abounds that the politically minded actor may be considering it. In an effort to see if there is fire amid all the smoke, we asked around.

“He’d have no problem with the women’s vote,” Kori Bernards, spokeswoman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said with a smile. “Depending on which district he chose, we would certainly welcome a bid for Congress by him. He has a famous name and has expressed Democratic leanings. But we haven’t heard anything about him running for Congress.”

Which district, indeed: Affleck could seek to represent a district in Massachusetts, where he grew up, or run for office in Georgia’s First District, since he owns a home there. That district is now represented by six-term incumbent Jack Kingston, who invited Affleck to bring it on. “Based on his pick of women and his pick of a home site, he has very good taste,” said Kingston. “If he wants to represent the prettiest district in America, I wouldn’t blame him a bit.”

Of course, Affleck’s rep Ken Sunshine threw cold water on the whole thing. “I really hope someday he does it. … But right now he has no plans (to run),” he said. “He’s reading many movie scripts, and getting ready to do several movies.” (Affleck is set to appear on the big screen next in Surviving Christmas, due in the fall.)

Okay, so, what does Ben himself say? When asked (during his appearance with Sen. Ted Kennedy at the Capitol last week), he responded, “Well, I certainly have wonderful role models here if that ever happens.” Hmm – kind of a politician’s answer, wouldn’t you say?

Regular Guy
John Travolta is just like the rest of us. Well, if you don’t count all the awards, the fame, the wealth, and the whole flying thing. Okay, he is just like us in at least one way: He likes curling up at home, catching Grease on cable. “I do watch movies of mine on TV,” Travolta told us recently. “I’ll stop and watch a few scenes, and if it’s a part I like, I’ll move on and change the channel with a smile on my face. If it’s a scene I don’t like, I’ll just move on and change the channel.”

Crying over Split Ends
To Gabrielle Union, it’s ironic that Halle Berry is sporting extensions these days. Why? Because in the romantic comedy Breakin’ All the Rules, due next week, Union plays a woman who chops off her hair to look like the Oscar winner. “She thinks she’s going to win her boyfriend over, but the (long) hair was what was keeping him there in the first place,” says Union, 31, who can relate. “My husband got so used to my weave that once, when I tried to take it out, he said, ‘You look like Prince Valiant.’ I was so hurt. I cried when I cut my weave for this movie. I felt like I was losing something. But it’s not my own hair. If anybody should be crying, it’s the poor woman who sold me her hair.”


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