August 12, 2004 12:00 PM

Rick James
Funky to the end, singer Rick James dies at 56

Paris Hilton
What a week! Between police reports and partying with her pals, Paris Hilton still makes time to walk her ferret

Mary Kay Letourneau
The scandalous schoolmarm who fell in love with her pupil awaits a reunion

Britney Spears
Pop’s princess takes on a new role as stepmom to her fiancé’s two children

Fred Savage
All grown up at 28, Wonder Years alum Fred Savage marries a girl he knew in junior high

A murder charge follows Mark Hacking’s confession to two of his brothers that he killed his wife, Lori

Henri Cartier-Bresson made an art of photography

The Google Guys
Cofounders Sergey Brin and Larry Page could make billions from their IPO

Johnny Cash
The late great’s estate goes up for grabs at Sotheby’s

Laci Peterson
Amber Frey finally testifies at the Peterson trial – and does not disappoint

Wonder what happens after a TV home makeover?

2004 Olympics
Gymnasts Courtney Kupets and Courtney McCool hope to vault into America’s hearts

Meet five amazing kids whose good deeds are changing the world

Spy Kids mom Carla Gugino plays sexy on Broadway

When Full House’s Lori Loughlin isn’t playing a surrogate mom on The WB’s Summerland, she’s busy raising her own family

On the Job
The Apprentice’s Bill Rancic may be still a tyke as a tycoon, but he’s learning

Punk’d’s Dax Shepard comes out from undercover for his movie debut

Jen Schefft – Andrew Firestone’s ex-fiancée – takes a new stab at love as the latest Bachelorette

Hitting the road for 40 shows, Usher kicks back aboard his 45-ft. bachelor pad on wheels

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