May 03, 2004 09:00 AM

Up Front
After three years as a couple, Tom Cruise and his Spanish love Pen lope Cruz call it quits.

Kobe Bryant and his sexual-assault accuser face each other for the first time in court.

TV’s new Bachelor, quarterback Jesse Palmer, goes from huddles to cuddles with 25 ladies.

It’s our birthday! Join us as we celebrate the stars and the stories that have made three decades dynamite.

What I Know Now
Julia Roberts, Muhammad Ali and Mel Gibson look back.

We’re Turning 30, Too
Ryan Seacrest and Leonardo DiCaprio hit the big 3-0.

Then & Now
Remember when cell phones were like bricks?

Roses, Reality, Romance
Creator Mike Fleiss’s reality dating shows have changed TV, making stars of Trista and Ryan.

He’s Y’all That
Producer Tony Brown took country back to its roots with Wynonna Judd and Vince Gill.

Everything Old . . . Is New Again
Trendsetters like Kate Hudson shop history’s closet.

Evolution of Man
Cruise through hunk heaven past and present.

Love Your Hair!
Not all dubious dos of the past were permanent waves.

Forever in Blue Jeans
A distressing history of how we’ve worn our denim.

American Dreams
Four families share their dreams for the future.

30 Years on the Job
Susan Lucci, Big Bird – they’re stuck in a rut.

The Trials of O.J.
Simpson and the families of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman remain haunted.

Unsolved Mysteries
Who shot Tupac? Thirty years of provocative puzzles.

The Power of PEOPLE
Appearing in our pages has changed their lives.

First Looks
Jim Carrey, Charlize Theron and others make a pre-A-list bow in our pages.

Uttered Perfection
Oprah on love, Donald Trump on himself – the best quotes from PEOPLE.

1,574 Covers
Some hits, some misses.

It’s a Fact
Little-known celeb nibblets revealed in PEOPLE.

I Was the One Who…
Discovered Harry Potter, taught Tiger Woods to swing.

The Time of My Life
Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and others on their personal highlights.

Remembering Kurt
Courtney Love recalls Kurt Cobain’s suicide and a life that was hardly nirvana.

From J.Lo to the Olsen twins, the best of Star Tracks.

The anniversary edition.

The Next Wave
Meet young athletes and artists waiting in the wings.

Future Perfect
Rachel Bilson models beauty aids circa 2034.

This New House
A talking kitchen will make the home of the future really cook.

Trivia Quiz
Know who shot J.R.? Take the PEOPLE Celebrity Aptitude Test.

PEOPLE Magazine Club
For these busy women, reading PEOPLE is a pleasure best enjoyed in company.

D j Vu All
Over Again From Watergate to Bennifer, we chart the changes in 30 years of pop culture.

30 Questions in 30 Seconds with . . .
Cover girl Jessica Simpson.

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