For Your Consideration

Photo: For Your Consideration: Suzanne Tenner

The crackpot crew from Christopher Guest’s largely improvised comedies (Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, and A Mighty Wind) always create some priceless characters, so we’ll let Shearer rattle off the blinkered souls that populate this Hollywood tale: ”Catherine O’Hara, Parker Posey, Chris Moynihan, and I are the principal players in a film within the film, Home for Purim, a little indie movie which suddenly starts garnering Oscar buzz from nowhere. Ed Begley Jr. is our makeup artist, Christopher Guest is our director, Fred Willard and Jane Lynch are the cohosts of a TV show that maybe too strongly resembles Entertainment Tonight, Ricky Gervais is head of the studio that’s doing the film, John Michael Higgins is our unit publicist who’s just come out of a nervous breakdown, Michael McKean and Bob Balaban are the screenwriters, and Jennifer Coolidge is the producer of the film. That’s what I remember at the moment.” (He omitted Eugene Levy, who plays an agent.) Considering this one is being released by Warner Independent, which squeezed six nominations out of Good Night, and Good Luck, might the film’s subject matter pay off in real life? Says Shearer: ”I’m not going there, boyfriend.”

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