By Abby West
Updated July 23, 2007 04:00 AM
Randy Tepper

Season 1 of Showtime’s addictive comedy Weeds hooked us with a novel premise: Suburban mom Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) peddles marijuana in her pristine community. With season 2, however, we became seriously dependent, as the series descended into intriguingly murky territory (torrid trysts, teenage abortion, contract killing). As creator Jenji Kohan says in one of this set’s seven commentaries: ”It’s going to a very dark place.”

Just as the volatile affair between caustic councilwoman Celia (Elizabeth Perkins) and stoner CPA Doug (Nealon) is doomed from its vodka-induced start, things are destined to end badly for Nancy and her newfound partner-in-pot (Romany Malco). ”As much as we dance around it, [Nancy’s] a drug dealer, and there are certain dangers in her profession,” says Kohan. ”No one gets out clean.” Case in point: the Tarantino-esque season finale.

But forget death and dysfunction. The DVD extras are no-brainer fun. Trivia tracks drop silly little nuggets peripherally connected to the show — e.g., the first rubber condom was produced in 1855. Breezy featurettes include a psychedelic A-to-Z of names for marijuana (dank, izm, sticky icky…who knew?) and a tongue-in-cheek tutorial on hydroponics (for growing your own, ahem, tomatoes). Even the cast commentaries don’t take themselves seriously: Nealon registers his disappointment that his first sex scene with Perkins didn’t require nudity. It’s enough to keep the buzz going until the Aug. 13 season 3 premiere. B+