The View

Photo: The View: Ida Mae Astute/ABC

Welcome to the OD, bitch!… I mean Barbara. Rosie O’Donnell has been on ABC’s The View just a few weeks, but it’s clear who’s in charge. ”You’re Barbara Walters, it’s your show,” O’Donnell honked on day 2. Turns out she was kidding. On day 5, O’Donnell was snapping the not-entirely-hip-hoppy Walters like a breadstick during a Beyoncé interview. By day 6, the two were sitting at opposite ends of the table, claiming they wanted to ”shake things up” — and what will become known as the Kaffeeklatsch Coup of Aught-Six was complete. O’Donnell now moderates segments and points at who should speak. (This helps only so much, The View‘s coin of the realm being inanity yelled at the highest volume.) Meanwhile, Walters seems to focus her energy on keeping her patience and muttering her under-breath mantra: Go to my happy place, go to my happy place. People shouldn’t be surprised by this development — O’Donnell did have her own successful talk show, and for good reason. Braying film persona aside, the lady is warm, smart, and — even better — sensible. That means something, especially when co-talker Joy Behar spouts her dusty wisecracks or Elisabeth Hasselbeck goes all young-mom-with-values: The View‘s non-O’Donnells play their parts a bit too rigidly. But this overly noisy, underthought show is lifted by O’Donnell, who speaks like a regular, reasonable Rosie.

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