By Scott Brown
Updated June 02, 2006 04:00 AM

Adapted from popular Disney animated pic? Check. Girded with grabby, half-arty cirque du stagecraft? A vine-swingy double-check. Guaranteed to linger in the hearts of theatergoers and their kids, á la The Lion King? Probably not. Tarzan fails to enthrall for several reasons, the top two being Phil and Collins. But those who machete through the synthetic drone of Collins’ score will find only a drab minimalist set (a shredded backdrop dyed a noxious green) and equally minimalist story. Ape adopt Tarzan, Tarzan meet Jane, Tarzan lose Jane, Tarzan get Jane back. (Tarzan hate spoiler!) It’s diverting, but so is renting the movie for $5. (212-307-4100)