By EW Staff
Updated August 07, 2007 04:00 AM
Credit: Lena Herzog

This coming-of-age teen sex comedy — co-written by and costarring Knocked Up‘s Seth Rogen and produced by comedy swami Judd Apatow — follows two high school seniors (Accepted‘s Jonah Hill and Arrested Development‘s Michael Cera) during a madcap night three weeks before graduation. ”We’re not the dudes who get laid all the time,” explains Hill, ”and the two girls that we’ve liked throughout high school ask us to buy them alcohol for a party.” As director Greg Mottola (The Daytrippers) says, ”[it’s] the classic quest. They concoct this idea that if they could just get these girls drunk, they would have sex with them maybe two months down the line.” But what does that have to do with the eponymous James Brown song? ”It just seemed a nice phrase for the fantasy that these teenage dorks might have in a split second of feeling cool,” says Mottola. Ah, yes. We know it well. (August 17)