Slings & Arrows


Just because the critically acclaimed 2003-06 Canadian TV series Slings & Arrows spotlights a celebrated troupe of Shakespearean thesps doesn’t mean it’s highbrow and refined. Hamlet (Luke Kirby, late of HBO’s Tell Me You Love Me) is hitting the sheets with Ophelia (a pre-Wedding Crashers Rachel McAdams); the leading lady (Martha Burns) likes to rob the cradle; the manager (Kids in the Hall vet Mark McKinney) is getting screwed — two ways — by a corporate sponsor; and King Lear (William Hutt) has a nasty heroin habit. To quote the stage manager: ”F— me blue!” The seven-disc set boasts all three seasons, each devoted to a different tragedy (Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear) and concluding with a revelatory 10-minute montage of said play (don’t miss the extended Lear scenes to see more of Sarah Polley’s wrenching turn as a spurned daughter). And thanks to the helpfully included lyrics, you’ll be singing S&A‘s ”Cheer Up, Hamlet” theme for days. A

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