The title of David Crosby’s 1971 debut solo album, If I Could Only Remember My Name, now seems like less of a joke by the singer-songwriter than on him, given the CSN member’s subsequent drug and health issues. But the music stands as some of the greatest to be produced by the early-’70s West Coast scene. It’s also an aural snapshot of that most incestuous of musical communities, thanks to contributions from Neil Young, Graham Nash, Joni Mitchell, and members of Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead. Yet this album is very much the Crozzer’s show, as his never-better vocals dominate tracks such as the cinematic ”Cowboy Movie,” the beautiful anti-guru tune ”Laughing,” and the hippie-scat track ”Song With No Words.” Now rereleased by Rhino in remastered form complete with photo gallery and bonus track (the excellent ”Kids and Dogs”), this is an album whose positive qualities are as clear as its author’s memories may, indeed, be foggy.