By Marc Bernardin
Updated November 26, 2007 05:00 AM
Bruce Willis, Hudson Hawk
Credit: Everett Collection

Here’s the thing: Hudson Hawk is not as bad as you remember. Oh, it’s still a misbegotten exercise in star-ego stroking, but it didn’t deserve the drubbing it got. It was just never viewed in the right light. See, it’s really a comic-book movie, without the comic book — not that you’d know it from the shoddy extras (silliest bit: Willis doing a blues ditty with composer/exec producer Robert Kraft).

Director Michael Lehmann (Heathers) tried to bring a heightened reality to this story about a cat burglar (Willis) coerced into stealing Leonardo da Vinci masterworks for a pair of nitwit billionaires (Richard E. Grant and Sandra Bernhard, with so much camp they should’ve had tents). If not for Willis’ penchant for smugly winking at everything that’s going on, Lehmann’s attempt at fashioning a superheroic world might’ve worked. C