By Tina Jordan
Updated March 16, 2007 04:00 AM

When a bomb blast fells Mid-Yorkshire cops Andy Dalziel — a.k.a. the Fat Man of Reginald Hill’s Death Comes for the Fat Man — and Peter Pascoe, only Pascoe wakes up in the rubble. Dalziel, whose ”arms and legs were spread and bent like the kapok-stuffed limbs of some huge teddy bear,” is in a coma, and that’s where he remains for most of the book while Pascoe attempts to unravel various obscure links to the act of terror. I enjoy the Fat Man books, but I don’t read all of them; nor have I ever seen the PBS series based on the books. I was confused on more than one occasion, unable to get a reference or remember a certain character. Longtime fans will undoubtedly enjoy this outing, which is finely plotted, but newcomers should steer clear. B