By Adrienne Day
Updated June 08, 2007 04:00 AM
Credit: Knut Aaserud

By all rights, dance-rock should’ve been sucked into the vortex created by the collapse of electroclash. But with Talking Heads and Devo as its muses, Datarock pumps life into a flagging genre with Datarock Datarock, a terrific, if slightly offbeat, debut. The Norwegian duo embrace a chimeric duality — disco’s coy fromage and post-punk’s explosive chuff — most notably with the single ”Fa-Fa-Fa,” juiced up with Bootsy Collins-like guitars, techno drumbeats, and David Byrne-inspired vocals. Nothing new here, but it definitely bears repeating. A-
Download This: See the video for ”Fa-Fa-Fa”