Chucky: The Killer DVD Collection

Jennifer Tilly, Seed of Chucky
Photo: Seed of Chucky: Rolf Konow

Four Child’s Play sequels follow Chucky, a two-foot-tall doll with the literal soul of a serial killer, in Chucky: The Killer DVD Collection. He goes through multiple homicides, one sex scene, and fatherhood. Even with lines like ”Don’t f— with the Chuck,” the first two can’t compete with the humor- and Jennifer Tilly-enhanced Bride and Seed of Chucky.

EXTRAS Commentaries and making-ofs paint Tilly as someone who knows her place in the world: ”This day I realized how ridiculous my career was,” she says. ”Lying on my back all day, being artificially inseminated by a doll.” And we respect her for that.

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