By Scott Brown
Updated September 05, 2007 04:00 AM
Credit: Merrick Morton

The Jerk had a high sperm count: It’s spawned scores of Edenically simpleminded man-children, from Harry and Lloyd to the Brothers Solomon. These latest offspring, a pair of socially quarantined, home-schooled frères (SNL‘s Will Forte, who wrote the script, and Arnett, doing a sweeter Gob Bluth), are not without their charms: The sheer, animal idiocy beaming from their faces in the opening credits of The Brothers Solomon creates the film’s only moment of uncalculated comic joy. Alas, their quest — giving their dying father the grandchild he always wanted — feels like a cheapo, soft-R retread of the dimwits’ progress from Dumb and Dumber, with director Bob Odenkirk dropping Forte’s jokes like anvils.